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About Dr. T. S. Jagtap

Born in the backyards of Maharashtra, in a small village called Anewadi, on 1st June, 1956, Dr. Jagtap was the 5th in a family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters.His father was farmer. Though he was from rural area he has given the best education to Dr. T. S. Jagtap. Educational environment provided by his family was just the thing needed to boost the academic career of the young boy. A bright student, Dr. T. S. Jagtap studied at the Raigaon High School, Anewadi, Dist-Satara.

Both his parents, influenced their son’s mindset to a large extent. While his mother, imprinted on the minds of her children, the need to study well, and pursue a successful career; Dr. Jagtap’s personal work style, to date, retains largely the mark of his father – the generosity of soul, the strength of character, the sheer hardworking professional.

Academic/ Work Details

From Raigaon High School, Anewadi, Dist-Satara to BJ Medical College, Dr. Jagtapwas climbing the 1st steps towards a successful and dedicated life. In 1986, he completed his MD in General Medicine and went Prawara Medical College, Prawara as a lecturer. Then he worked as Medical Officer Rahuri Sugar Factory, Rahuri. Then he shifted to Wai and worked as Consulting Physician,Mission Hospital, Wai.

Looking back, he sees this as a sheer coincidence that he got a good experience while working with these organisations, that Dr. Jagtap’s work fabric which he inherited from his parents, was getting reiterated.There is never any shortcut to a successful career says this 50-something dynamo, as he shuttles between operations, hospitals and patients. Hard work has no option, and a good doctor practices patience, the back-breaking hours notwithstanding! So, with a keen interest in the latest developments in the medicine field, his experience substantiated through handling of tough cases, his knowledge tried and tested, Dr. Jagtap decided to come back to Satara. From Dec 1989 onwards he is running Private Clinic “Sonia Clinic”, Wai. In 1995 he has established “Sonia Clinic and Saidutta Hospital” Wai. In 2009 he has started Blood bank at Saidutta Hospital.

He is happily married to Sunanda. Sunanda is a renowned pathologist. Educated in some of the premier institutes of Pune, her educational career is dotted with top honors marking her achievements. She completed her B. Sc. And DMLT. Currently she is looking after Blood Bank at the Saidutta Hospital. He is blessed with two sons and one daughter.


His vision as a doctor, is a reflection of his personality as a human being first, and his professional aspirations, next. The singular reason being the humane level on which he relates to his patients. He is candid enough to admit that due to constraints of time and in the best of interests of his patients, he needs to be more a cerebral professional. But this feeling medico aims to:

  • Contribute in the field of Cardiology to a level that most of the cardiac patients live longer and happier life.
  • Contribute to the advancement of technique in angioplasty.
  • Translate into effort, any ideas for the betterment of heart patients
Address : (Wai)
78/a, Bavdhan Road, Yashwantnagar, Wai,
Tal - Wai- 412803, Maharashtra, India
Contact No : (02167) - 227615, 227715
Mobile No : 9822433215 , 8855002395
E-mail : dr.tsjagtap@gmail.com
Address : (Shirval)
Dhangarwadi, Post - Shirval,
Ta l- Khandala, Dist - Satara
Contact No : (02167) - 227615, 227715
Mobile No : 9822433215 , 8855002395
E-mail : dr.tsjagtap@gmail.com
Achievments :

Reward By J. N. Abhyankar Smrutinidhi as "WAI VAIDYAK BHUSHAN" for helping the various activities to the people.

Director Maharashtra Education Society, Wai.

Chief trustee of sai seva vikas Mandal, Yashwantnagar Wai.

Secretary Indrapuri society Yashwantnagar Wai.

Life Member of Warkari Sanghtana Wai Taluka.

Chairman & Managing Director of Dr. Jagtap Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Director Sanjeevan Heart Center.

Association Sonia Clinic & Saidatta Hospita , Saidatta Cath Lab,Saidatta Blood Bank, 24 Hours Ambulance Service, Free Canteen Service For Patient, In house Pathalogical Lab.

Supporting spiritual & religious activities by heading temple, trusts & Warkari Sanghatana.

Started common Bio-Medical waste treatment &Disposible Facilities for Wai, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar.

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